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Bangers4Ben challenge has been completed!

The hippie duo (Shaun and Roland),completed the Bangers4Ben 2015 challenge in 4 days. So much planning beforehand went into finding a banger for £750 and selecting a theme and sorting out all paperwork that it seems crazy that the challenge was completed two weeks ago. From the stories they told after the challenge and from following the challenge through Twitter and the Car Dealer Magazine website,it seem's Shaun and Roland had a brilliant time! The pair decided that they would like the car to be flower power themed and go dressed as hippies... they really went to town with their outfits!

After a lot of searching,Roland bought a T plate,black Ford Focus,not the most ideal colour to Flower Power theme but it worked! The duo came into the office the day after completing Bangers4Ben,we couldn't believe they didn't fall asleep at their desks after driving over 1500 miles in under 4 days! The pair started their journey on the Friday,where they headed to Silverstone to say nearby the night before the challenge was commencing. The day before setting off there were a few some glitches,one of which involved both the car key and the spare key getting locked in the car and a locksmith having to come out... opps!

Roland and Shaun didn't have a great start after getting stuck in a traffic jam after just 10 minutes of setting off to Silverstone! Roland and Shaun woke up Saturday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed to start the Bangers4Ben Challenge,that's what they said anyhow...The pair joined the other teams in their hippie costumes at the Silverstone circuit. The banger that really stood out was Caralots 'Back to the Future' car, it looked awesome and they truly deserved the award they received 'Best Themed Car'.

Roland took to the wheel and completed a lap of the Silverstone circuit,while Shaun prayed for his life as a passenger! No events have been reported for their journey from Silverstone to Dover,Shaun gets very sea sick so we think he spent the journey gearing himself up for the ferry over to Calais,France. Once in Calais they made their way to Namur,Belgium,all the teams started off in convoy but the competition to get to Namur quickest soon started and the teams quickly drifted apart! The Saturday they covered over 330 miles in total,it was a long day with a lot of driving! The first night was rather eventful and was a bit of a blur the next day! Shaun and Roland woke up on the Sunday morning to find their banger had been graffitied with duck tape.

We would show you some photos but Shaun is still upset about it! The Sunday of Bangers4Ben was an even longer day with over 422 miles to complete. With sore heads (Shaun sleeping his off above),Roland and Shaun started the journey to the BMW Museum in Munich. The photos taken from the BMW Museum look brilliant and Roland found Codeweavers banger fort next year... The Sunday night we thought the guys would have a quieter night,however Shaun decided to set up a pub tour bus company - we won't go into too much detail about this!

A Twitter profile for his tour company was created and I think he created a good laugh for other team members!Like a lot of the teams Shaun and Roland enjoyed a few German beers the on Monday night as why not,they were in Munich and it was October! This mean't that on the Monday the pair didn't set off on time so had to play catch up,to make sure they had time to complete a lap of Nurburgring before reaching their hotel in Spa,Belgium. It wasn't recommended that the teams take their banger on the track so instead Roland had a passenger ride from one of the companies on the track,his words were scary but amazing experience! Monday night was awards night,the guys had high hopes of winning the best themed car but they knew they had no chance after seeing some of the competition!

Congratulations to Caralot on winning the best themed car with the DeLorean and to Kevin Perrin who won best fancy dress from Team Pure Triumph who dressed as Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard who rocked white cuban heeled cowboy boots. There was plenty of brilliant and comical tweets throughout out the trip, Will Blackshaw won the best tweet award with

b4b15 I'm looking for investors to join me in opening a chain of fuel stations on the motorway on the west side of Germany


Well done to you all! Tuesday morning was the last day of the trip,Roland and Shaun were really excited,not to go home but this was the day that they got to complete a lap and tour of the Spa Francorchamps. Roland and Shaun's words - Absolutely incredibly! After all of the team's had raced round the circuit, it was time to head back 209 miles to Calais. Everyone said their goodbyes on the ferry ride and talked about next year's BangersBen and who was up for taking part. The Codeweavers team were sad to see the flower power banger go. The banger has been transported to the Blackwater BCA Centre for the Bangers4Ben auction. We are all really looking forward to finding out how much the Codeweavers banger makes for the Ben Charity.

Until next time!


By: Codeweavers - 23/10/15

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