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A New Look A New Chapter at Codeweavers

The most obvious sign of the major changes at Codeweavers following the recent management buyout is an all-new logo.

The new logo supports the promotion of a brand that is looking forward with real confidence to helping the automotive industry to embrace change in the way in which finance can create, support and retain more customers.

Simple, clear, direct and easy to recognise and understand

were the key brief words in developing the logo. These exactly reflect Codeweavers’ approach to financial software development.

Red was chosen as the primary colour because of the way in which it can grab people’s attention. In the colour wheel,red is an intense colour associated with energy,strength,power,determination and passion. It has very high visibility,which in heraldry, was used to indicate courage,perhaps this is why red is found in many national flags. These sentiments are central to the confident thinking with Codeweavers.

The automotive financial services market is changing. There are opportunities and inevitably threats,with areas such as remuneration currently subject to a thematic review by the FCA. In these times of change, we want dealers,manufacturers and fleet providers to recognise that in Codeweavers there is a knowledgeable,imaginative and decisive software provider who can provide the type of courageous innovation that will be required to support them both quickly and accountably

reflects Codeweavers MD Roland Schaack, adding;

Arguably,we have been quietly effective in helping our customers,building a reputation for results. Now in this time of change we need to let the market know just how good we can be.


By: Codeweavers - 26/11/15

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