7 tips to drive customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is extremely important for any business. If you provide your customers with a good service throughout them buying and having their car of choice, they are more than likely to buy their next car from you again. Our marketing team has put together some tips to drive customer loyalty.

Weekly or monthly offers

By providing weekly or monthly offers to your customers on car accessories,services etc you are providing incentives for car buyers to use you for additional services as well as purchasing their vehicles through you. By sending weekly and monthly offers you are also putting your brand in front of your car buyers frequently so you remain at the front of the line for when they are thinking of buying a new vehicle.

Referral offers

Having referral offers means that your customers benefit from purchasing their car through you but they are also recommending you to others, meaning you are growing your customer base and keeping your current customers happy at the same time. A win-win situation!

Deliver an experience to your customers

Competition can be a challenge,how will you stand out? Delivering an experience to your car buyers can ensure you stand out from the crowd and you are known not just for the cars you sell but the service you provide. Creating an experience that is memorable will hopefully bring the customer back and they may tell their friends of their positive or unique service they had from your dealership.

Use personalisation where you can

All of your customers whether they have bought one,two,three or all their vehicles through you should be treated the same. You should value all of your car buyers relationships so you are seen as much more than just a commodity. One way to personalise this relationship is tailoring communications to individual customers which would help strengthen that narrative. Enhancing this relationship will allow you to up-sell and offer post product care.

Keep in contact

Maintaining contact with customers is the first step to building a lasting relationship. It is a keen reminder that you are thoughtful of each customer,and you haven't forgotten about them. By keeping in contact you don't want to bombard your customers with sales-related communications,some are okay but you need a balance. Instead send out some communication asking them how they are getting on with the vehicle and if there is anything you can do for them or any information you can provide them with.

Offer informative content

Informative content shows dynamism,which will create positive perceptions towards your dealership. Providing your customers with information that provides value and content that they want to read is extremely important. With informative content, it really adds credibility to the service and vehicles you are providing as well as portraying your expertise.

Be Transparent

Transparency builds a positive relationship with your customers which in turn will increase the likelihood of being referred or them using again. By being clear and transparent from the word go and providing them with all of the information they require will help towards you providing a great service to your customers.


By: Codeweavers - 23/08/16

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