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7 resourceful marketing websites to follow

There's plenty of websites out there packed with resourceful marketing material. However, it takes time to pick the websites and blogs that work for you and help you with your marketing activities. As all marketers know, the marketing world is fast pace and it's very easy to fall behind on the latest trends and technologies and just focus on your everyday working activities.Don't overwhelm yourself by following too many marketing websites and blogs, that you miss the content that really matters. Here is a list of blogs and websites that I find really beneficial and useful.

Smart Insights(image smartinsights.jpg)

Smart Insights is the brainchild of Dr. Dave Chaffey who, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing is one of 50 gurus who has shaped the future of marketing. He has consulted on digital marketing strategy for over a hundred businesses including Mercedes-Benz, Barclaycard, HSBC, and Nokia.I subscribe to Smart Insights daily emails. The emails typically contain a free e-book to download on a specific subject such as '19 Tactics to Capture Email Addresses' which I received three days ago. There is an expert membership available on their website, so far I only subscribe to the free membership. The expert membership provides you with advanced workbooks, planning templates, audits, best practices, frameworks, strategies tactics, online courses, tool kits, checklists and so much more. With the basic membership, you are still provided with all of the above but not as advanced and the basic versions. A great website I've followed for a number of years!


Figaro Digital(image figaro.jpg)

Figaro Digital host seminars, conferences, and summits dedicated to the latest developments in digital marketing and help marketers from brands and agencies learn and connect. The website I find brilliant,it lets you know all the events they are hosting throughout the year, advanced and forward thinking articles, case studies from well-known successful companies,videos which are normally engaging and normally they provide you with the recorded seminar after it has taken place. I subscribe to their e-newsletter and I also receive their magazine,a quarterly compendium of case studies,interviews,insights and comments delivered by influential Marketers. Their events they host are particularly insightful,I went to a seminar last year on SEO. The seminar was free of charge to attend but you have to request to attend the event and they let you know whether you have been accepted or not. Couldn't recommend this website more!

TFM Insights(image tfm.jpg)

TFM Insights is the essential resource for Marketing technology insight and research. I receive their e-newsletter which contains all of their latest blog posts and latest whitepapers to download. I also follow their Twitter feed for their latest updates as they usual have some really interesting updates. On their website, you can find all of their latest posts which as nicely categorised into different marketing topics such as content, email, data etc. They also provide videos and downloads on their website such as 'Marketing Technology Buyer’s Checklist' and also of the reports I have taken a look at on their website also contain some pretty useful stats. A good website,I can't say I look at it religiously but it's definitely worth a follow.

Seth Godin’s Blog(image seth.jpg)

This guy is a pure genius, I had heard of him but hadn't ever followed any of marketing guidance until I started at Codeweavers over 2 and a half years ago now. It was after a conversation with Roland, MD at Codeweavers who said he really like his daily posts that I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to his daily emails. As taken from his website Seth Godin is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.His daily emails provide food for thought and really grab your attention. He really makes you think about the bigger picture and I love his honesty! He also provides courses but I haven't participated in any as of yet.Definitely worth a subscribe!

Hubspot Blog (image hubspot.jpg)

I wouldn't just say that the Hubspot blog is useful to just Marketers,there is a lot of resources useful to sales teams to. I subscribe to the daily emails of inbound marketing posts. The subject matter of the posts really captures your attention. For instance, yesterday's subject line in the daily email was 'How to Motivate Yourself When You're Absolutely Exhausted', a great post to refer back to when you are having one of those days!I've followed the HubSpot blog for quite a while but it's only just recently that I have subscribed to received their daily e-shots holding their latest blog posts. Definitely worth a subscribe to read blog posts that really capture your attention and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Mashable(image mashable.jpg)

Mashable is lunch break material! I could spend hours strolling through all of the thought-provoking articles. Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It provides in-depth social media guides and resources. The site has more than 40 million monthly page views and readers. I would say it's the best website to monitor marketing and technology trends and updates but it also has a lot of random and funny stories! One of my favourite websites to visit for a break!

eConsultancy - Daily Pulse(image econsultancy.jpg)

Econsultancy’s resources are designed to help your whole team get the most from digital. The thinkers and planners as well as the practitioners\; the senior members looking at strategy as well as those new to digital who need to start with the basics. It's a very business focused website and more corporate than some of the other websites I have mentioned but a website with a range of in-depth research,Training,Learning & Development and online resources. A very well-known and well thought of website in the marketing industry and is a great website to subscribe to if you would like to continue to expand your knowledge and expertise within marketing. I recently subscribed eConsultancy's Daily Pulse emails which include featured blog posts and research and upcoming events and training. If you haven't already, bookmark this website."


By: Codeweavers - 01/04/16

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