6 ways to get ensure your website's mobile journey is ready for your customers

Think with your thumb\Make sure your site is completely navigable with one thumb and requires no pinching to use,says Marc Weisinger,director of Marketing,Elite SEM,a search engine marketing firm.

Ensure Content is short and sweet. A cluttered website doesn't work on desktops let alone on a mobile. Ensure your website includes the elements you want your customers to see and isn't clogged up with unimportant content. When creating a post on your website or a description, try and sum it up in fewer words. This not only will work more effectively on mobile but will be more engaging for your customers to read as there are fewer words.

Are all of your images optimised for mobile?

Choosing the right images for your site and cropping,sizing and editing them to suit all devices has never been so important to ensure your website is consistent across multiple platforms and different screen resolutions. The videos on your website need to be backed up with images to for your mobile website to ensure the videos don't make your website slow and frustrating to your customers.

Monitor your analytics

Monitor the customers visiting your site through a mobile and keep an eye on which part of your site they drop off. It could be you gave them no options at this point to navigate on your site or maybe the page they were on was too cluttered or unclear. Really get to know your mobile customers journey on your website and start to build trends and make changes based on how your customers are navigating your site.

Icons instead of word

Icons certainly enhance your mobile websites usability. They are quicker and easier to digest if they are used properly and help your customers navigate your website efficiently. For example, if you have lots of information on your website about specific vehicles. You can split the information up by icon. Eg - by technical information, interior, exterior etc.

Optimize forms for mobile

Having a perfectly designed website for mobile is great,but if your customers then decide to contact you or enter their information on your mobile website through the forms on your website and they get put off if they are hard to complete you may have lost a potential lead. User test your website forms yourself along with your colleagues and if you can ask some customers in your showroom to try out the forms and see how easy or hard they are complete on a mobile. You then will know firsthand what needs to be improved on your website forms.


By: Codeweavers - 30/06/16

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