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5 tips to help you choose your software provider

5 tips to help you choose your software provider

The way we buy,choose and use technology is changing, where once technology represented a major long-term purchase and usage decision,today the landscape is very different. Codeweavers' marketing team have put together 5 tips to help you choose the software providers you work with.

1. A one size fits all approach is not enough

For motor retailers,a one size fits all approach is not enough. In promotional activity,the approach must be fresh, exciting and often targeted delivering bespoke segmented offers to a customer who wants to engage with their car buying process online.

2. Don't get stuck in a long-term contract

As the next era of finance technology becomes available,being stuck in a long-term contract that means you can’t use it,is not what any progressive dealer wants. This is just one example,legacy systems remain in many showrooms when something better is available. As a software provider,we see the speed and pace of change as an opportunity,not a threat. We want to be on our toes and innovating continuously. If a business has a long-term contract in place,this energy and creativity can all too easily be replaced by inertia and procrastination. In an ever faster operating environment,this simply is not the way ahead.

3. Monthly billing periods - Netflix as a guiding pioneer

We see the confidence of companies such as Netflix,which offers a simple monthly billing period that can be ended at any time, with charges only up to the end of the month,as a guiding pioneer. Customers know they are never ‘locked-in’; instead,they stay loyal because they have access to quality and innovative products combined with great customer service. This is the recipe for success that in the dealer technology market,we need to learn from.

4. Work with software providers who have strong partnerships

It's extremely important for software providers to have strong partnerships with other software providers and companies,these relationships other significant benefits to their clients. An example of this is your CRM system,if your CRM provider has no relationships with other companies you will find it harder,maybe even impossible to integrate other software and systems you use into your CRM. You want your CRM and your other software providers should work together to help provide you with the best possible solution. Codeweavers partner with a range of companies to ensure our software remains at the forefront of the motor industry such as media companies, manufacturers, finance lenders and brokers and car portal companies to name a few.

5. Use a Software Provider that delivers software that you need rather than what you think you need

Codeweavers believe in delivering software that customers need rather than software customers think they need. It is well known that it is very hard or almost impossible to anticipate every scenario or use-case before a solution has been delivered.


By: Codeweavers - 20/04/17

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