5 reasons why you should be at Codeweavers' Digital Marketing conference

There are definitely more than 5 reasons why you should attend Codeweavers' first ever Digital Marketing Conference exclusive to customers.

The day is hosted at the prestigious Moat House based in Acton Trussell based in the Midlands, where a two-course meal will be served in their restaurant along with plenty of snacks being provided throughout the day. The conference is packed full of resourceful and insightful presentations and you definitely will take something away from the day.

Here are Codeweavers 5 main reasons why you should attend their Digital Marketing Conference

1 - Delegates include Marketing and Sales Managers/Directors,across the UK from top manufacturers,dealer groups from the top 100 and used car supermarkets. This indicates that a broad spectrum of knowledge will be shared by influential individuals from the motor industry.

2 - This digital marketing conference is exclusive and free for all Codeweavers customers to attend.

3 - Advanced Q&A Sessions covering topics - Developing an online brand- Enhancing the online car buying experience

4 - Sessions will provide Marketers from across the industry the opportunity to hear from other marketers their insights and knowledge around these subjects and discuss any trend emerging.

5 - High-Level presentations covering topics - Multi-channel marketing and the importance- Driving Digital Forward- BMW Retail Online - With just a few clicks,prospective BMW owners can build their perfect car online,arrange a test drive if necessary,agree financing options and payment method,and get a trade-in value for their own car before finalising the delivery date.


By: Codeweavers - 01/04/16

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