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4 months to deliver market leading solution

We've completed phase 1 of our largest ever development contract and delivered an all-new exclusive point of sale system, in just four months, to award winning fleet supplier (link https//www.alphabet.com/en-gb text Alphabet.) It is an initiative that supported Alphabet with the launch of their new broker channel. Codeweavers has created a bespoke broker IT platform, designed to enable finance brokers to provide a full range of business user finance products. The system has re-defined broker technology, offering an unrivalled level of flexibility and importantly a great customer experience. (link https//www.alphabet.com/en-gb text Alphabet) made a conscious decision to create an exclusive network of Broker partners. Just 7 hand picked pilot partners work with them in the developing and testing phase of icon. Each underwent a rigorous approval process to ensure each understood the system and their service must be combined to create a truly world class customer experience. The project was developed using Agile methodologies, which meant that Alphabet started with Codeweavers’ standard retail showroom solution. Developers then visited Alphabet’s pilot partners to understand their working processes and insight on what they liked/disliked about current solutions available in the Market. The process enabled the team to develop icon as a platform that is totally aligned to the needs of Alphabet’s Fleet Brokers.*“Codeweavers were the perfect development house for us as they provided a fresh, modern approach to a leasing quotation platform with their Agile approach the whole experience has been collaborative.”“The target was for icon to be the default system of choice for our Partners. The feedback is that this is being achieved,” said Gavin Davies, Head of Indirect Sales at Alphabet.*In a world where technology developments often carry a reputation for failing to deliver on time and on budget, Codeweavers delivered what is its largest ever contract on time and within budget. It is something of which the team is very proud, as Managing Director Roland Schaack observes*“Such a fast delivery is only half the story. The all-new functionality and development processes we have created are benefits we can provide to other manufacturers, lenders and dealers. We have delivered highly effective, class-leading finance technology in a timescale that most businesses would struggle to complete specifications. It demonstrates that we have a level of resource and expertise that customers can rely upon, something that is particularly important in today’s rapidly changing, highly regulated marketplace.“During the tender process, (link https//www.alphabet.com/en-gb text Alphabet) were impressed by our unique platform, tools and capabilities and above all our desire to develop something distinctive and ‘edgy’ that would excite their customers. They are delighted with the initial phase now delivered and we are all looking forward to working side by side to take the system further forward.”* icon went live on 19th September to the 7 pilot partners, with each one having the system branded to their requirements. They instantly had access to a wide range of features, including\;- Access to latest offers available through Alphabet- Quick quote with numerous options and details to support the customer- An application process portal- Process records enabling the broker to keep their customers informed on delivery and financing details- Customer records – to ensure brokers can manage a customer’s fleet portfolio- Continuous improvements to usability, performance and functionality Craig Judson, Operations Manager at Codeweavers notes\;*“The best part of the project from a personal point of view was the creative flexibility that Alphabet offered us. This allowed us to bring new ideas and thinking to the table and try them out. I see this project as one that will go on for the foreseeable future given the breadth of ideas and the ambition from both sides to make this system one that creates a new industry benchmark.”*


By: Codeweavers - 21/11/14

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