3 tips to drive car finance customers to your website

When car buyers are interested in financing a car they will type this into a search engine. Taking a look at the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool the search term 'Car Finance Deals' gets searched on average 10k - 100k and 'Car Finance' gets 100k to 1M searches. How are you ensuring that your website is up there when a car buyer is searching this. The car buyer may get very specific when searching and include the make and model of the car they are interested in along with the age of the car. For example 'Car finance deals on a 3-year-old Focus Focus'.

Here are some tips to make sure car buyers reach your website when searching for car finance.

1. By knowing what types of phrases car buyers are using to find the car and finance deal they are interested in you can target these car buyers and get more traffic to your website. As per the above,using a tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner will allow you to see the different kinds of volume search different keywords are getting on average each month. You can also discover similar search terms car buyers are searching for based on the keyword you are analysing. This doesn't mean you need to start paying out for Google Adwords,but start using these phrases on your product pages,blog posts etc.

2. Create a car finance page on your website full of useful and relevant content and tools you know car buyers will find extremely beneficial. If the content and links are quality on this page,this can increase your chance of your car finance buyers finding you when they are searching for financing a car. Try and make this page connected to the rest of your website with links to search your cars,contact you and your blog. This will not only better connect your website but search engines will be able to read your website a lot better.

3. Using social media channels effectively. Create enticing car finance offers on your website using Codeweavers offers tools and link to these from your social media channel. Now Google has introduced 'Google My Business Posts' if a car buyer is searching for your dealership it maybe an idea to utilise this tool to create and add your latest offer to this post. The post will be situated next to your company name on Google.


By: Codeweavers - 08/08/17

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