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15 Smart Technology Tips to Improve Customer Service

# 15 Smart Technology Tips to Improve Customer Service**Shaun Harris – Sales Director***“Car buying starts online, so the customer service online matters enormously. It needs to be smart, intuitive, accessible and enjoyable. With our approach dealers not only support this ethos, but they can also access vital data that helps them to refine and improve their online offer.” *1 - Ensure customers know how affordable your stock can be by harnessing the online marketing power of dealer finance 2 - Get customers engaged with their buying process online by ensuring your website has a finance calculator3 - Place the customer in control of their finance – our tools can enable the whole financing process to take place online, removing any concerns about the showroom experience 4 - With a ‘soft search’ through our Motor Credit Check’ tool, customers know they are likely to be good for finance. Avoiding any showroom embarrassment worries5 - Ensure those increasingly important online finance tools share the same look and feel as the dealership to create a better online buying experience6 - Go the extra step to support the customer journey by using tools such as FlexiCalc allowing customers to develop their own side-by-side comparison HP and PCP quotations7 - Keep the finance offers online up to date and relevant, they could be seasonalised for example8 - Make sure customers understand why dealer finance is different with a features and benefits online explanatory videos, they really help9 - Be prepared for the customer, with Codeweavers finance tools, dealers can establish exactly how many customers have printed or emailed themselves a finance quotation and the number of leads generated10 - Get your stock mix right. Crucially dealers can learn the most popular stock upon which visitors are designing their own tailored finance quotation so that the stock mix can be adjusted accordingly11 - Sort your vehicles by high to low price so you are presenting your best offers to your customers when they are searching by monthly budget.12 - Anchor your finance calculator to the top of your vehicle results page so your customers can personalise their finance while searching through your stock13 - Use clear and easy to understand language when referring to your finance products and offers. Remember, customers may have never heard of a finance product name such as ‘Hire Purchase’ or ‘PCP’ or know what APR stands for.14 - The ‘need for speed’ is crucial when dealers are contacting their potential customers. When customers’ are researching vehicles online, they want instant gratification15 - Show realistic monthly payments next to each vehicle so your customers have a good idea of what they will be paying each month


By: Codeweavers - 01/04/16

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