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12 Ways to Enhance Lead Generation Online

From Codeweavers Sales Director Shaun Harris

At Codeweavers we are all about helping dealers and customers to come together. Our solutions, which leverage the importance of finance,is just part of our success. The other,possibly more important ingredient is our passion for motor retailing and our capacity to help our clients to succeed. This is not simply restricted to our software and we are always happy to share our practical insights and ideas.

What is always true is that driving sales in a tough market is about

1. Thinking long and short-term.

2. Trying something new.

3. Adapting to a changing market - agility and speed are key.

4. Maintaining good processes and controls.

5. Placing the customer’s needs ‘front & centre.

So,off my pedestal,here are 12 ideas and insights to improve your online lead generation activities.

1. Trust Building Online – does your website work to sell your dealership or just your cars? Add some personality to your site and incorporate news,views & FAQs to build an online rapport with your prospective customer's and add testimonials that your customers can relate to. It helps to ensure customers stay on your site longer,which in turn increases the chance of a sale.

2. Over 80% of customers need finance to buy their next car. Ensure finance is highly prominent online, ideally with payment information alongside each car.

3. Build a quality database (compliance alert!) - The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming in May next year. It will seriously change how you capture and manage customer data. Get on board with this regulation now.

4. Do you know the quality of your leads and have you been measuring the sales conversion rate? Motor Credit Check allows your customers to check whether the finance offers on your websites are likely to be available to them. Codeweavers customers who have this have seen a 37.4% sales conversion rate for customers who complete Motor Credit Check.

5. In line with GDPR make sure you get positive consent from customers to ‘opt-in’ to your marketing on line and in the showroom and do it now; you won’t be able to contact them from 25/05/17 otherwise.

6. Online tools – make sure they are easy to find and that you monitor the click-throughs from them. If you have a low click through changing the style or the prominence of the button can increase your clicks throughs.

7. Monday 7PM – the peak time for online customer browsing (from our data), are you available to field that call of email into the early evening?

8. Ensure your website forms capture data line by line,so even if a car buyer doesn't complete your forms you still receive the lead.

9. Create special finance offers and change them regularly\; if this seems awkward, we have a special Used Car Offer tool so you can configure and manage your car offers easily and they are available on your website instantly.

10. Add a finance calls to action on the listings page,we have found dealers can increase finance enquiry rate by as much as 6 times by doing this.

11. Receiving lots of partially completed forms from your car buyers? Codeweavers have created the ability to email prompt your customers to complete a partially completed finance form through Codeweavers’ Lead Management System.

12. Retention – work hard to stay in contact with every customer with email campaigns and encourage them to refer a friend.(image codeweavers1.jpg)

Some old ideas some new ideas, but above all some very ‘do-able’ actions that can help build your pipeline and that is what Codeweavers is all about. If we can help, we would be delighted and even if we can’t help, we can often recommend someone who we believe can.


By: Codeweavers - 19/07/17

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