10 online tools that can help with your marketing strategy

Codeweavers marketing team have put together 10 online tools that can help with your everyday marketing activities. There are 1,000 of tools out there but finding the right ones that suit you and your business can sometimes prove difficult and can be very costly. Here is a list of tools that the Codeweavers marketing team have found useful.

(image hootsuite.png)##What is HootSuite?

HootSuite helps with individuals and businesses social media efforts by providing their customers with the ability to manage all of your social networks and schedule posts for future publishing. Through HootSuite, customers are provided with social media analytics so you can determine how your social media efforts are being received. HootSuite provides customers with the ability to monitor what others are saying about them and you can add multiple team members so other members of your team can update your social media to. There is also an App Directory included within Hootsuite to increase customers social reach and productivity.This is a commonly used tool used by many well-known companies such as Virgin, WWF, and Herschel to name a few. There is a free version of HootSuite and also a paid version. Codeweavers team currently use the free version of HootSuite to help manage three of our social media accounts Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We use this tool purely for when we want to schedule posts on these social media pages when we are planning in advance.We wouldn't recommend scheduling all of your social media posts as your posts may be outdated or you may miss a topic with a lot of buzz and importantly you won't be interacting with your customers on these social media pages.

(image keywordplanner.png)##What is Google Keyword Planner?

This is a free AdWords tool that provides you with the ability to search for keyword and ad group idea, see how a list of keywords may perform and get search volume and data and trends. To have this tool you will need an Adwords account - (link https//adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner text https//adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner) but you do not need an ad running to use this tool. You can use the keyword planner to ensure that the keywords used on your website are relevant and are what our customers are searching for. There are four different tools within Keyword planner to use these are as followed- Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category- Get search volume data and trends- Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords- Get click and cost performance forecasts

(image mailchimp.png)##What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an email marketing service that includes plenty of features and benefits including**- Flexible email designs, so you can send highly visual branded emails to your customers- Third party integrations, so you can connect the systems you use to MailChimp- Robust marketing automation makes sure your emails get to the right people at the right time- Advanced reporting features. The free service enables you to send to up to 2000 email contact and send up to 12,000 emails a month. If you have more subscribers than this you can select a monthly plan where you pay the amount of subscribers you have and you can send unlimited emails every month to your database. For example, if you have 10,000 subscribers the monthly cost would be £54.76. Key features Codeweavers marketing team love about MailChimp are MailChimp can determine the optimal time to send your email campaign, find interest groups and send targeted emails to subscribers effectively through segmentation.

(image grammarly.png)##What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a great tool to check your grammar from either your browser or Microsoft Office. It provides you with a spell check, plagiarism checker and proofreads your documents and it does a much better job that Microsoft Words spellchecker.The tool is particularly useful when you are compiling an email or social media post and you are in a rush. Grammarly notifies you with critical issues and advanced issues. For advanced issues to be included you will need to subscribe to Grammarly's premium account.

(image sitexplorer.png)##What is Open Site Explorer?

Open Site Explorer allows you to enter a website's URL and discover the sites that it is linked to. You can research backlinks, find link-building opportunities and determine potential damaging links quickly and effectively with Open Site Explorer. In addition to this, you can track your websites link profile over time and you can also compare to competitors and discover what they are linking to. Included in each link's to a page is the page spam score, page authority, and domain authority. **Open Site Explorer includes**- Inbound Links- Top Pages- Linking Domains- Anchor Text- Link Metrics Comparison Tool- Spam Analysis- Link Opportunities Tools- Advanced Reports Features

(image google-alerts.png)##What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts enables you to monitor the web for interesting new content by setting up alerts. To set up an alert you need to enter a keyword/s and you will be shown a preview of the results you will be sent. Once you have set up the alert you will be emailed with any content related to your alert. You can set how often you would like to receive the alerts, the source, language, region and whether you would like to receive all results or only the best. Google Alerts are great for you to keep up to date with constantly running searches for the same words. For example, if one of your alerts was 'Motor Finance' you would be sent the latest content on this query. The tool is also useful to monitor your competitors activity and the latest updates and news in your industry.

(image peek.png)##What is Peek?

Peek is a really interesting tool that Codeweavers marketing team have only recently started using. Peek provides you with a 5-minute video of a real person using your website. Peek is a free usability tool for your website but you can also test your mobile site and mobile app to.The person in the Peek video goes through the user experience of your website and what they like and if they think any element of the website could be improved. As the Peek person doesn't know what you or your company does they make sure your website is easy for them to understand what you do. Tools such as Google Analytics can provide you with information on the journey your website users take through your website but it's great to see first-hand how the Peek person uses your website.

(image sidekick.png)##What is Sidekick?

Sidekick tracks whether or not a recipient opens up your emails and clicks on any links inside and how many times they did this. This is a perfect tool to determine whether your recipients have received or opened your email and how engaged they were with what you sent. The tool is particularly useful for document tracking as you can determine whether your recipient opened your email and then opened or clicked the document that's within the email.

(image infogram.png)##What is Infogr.am?

With Infogr.am you can create and publish highly visual charts and infographics based on your data. Infogr.am is a really easy tool to use and you can create infographics in three simple steps1. Choose a template of your choice2. Visualize your data by adding charts, maps, videos, images and icons.3. The final step is to publish the infographicA key benefit of Infogr.am is that once you have created your infographic you are provided with an embed code so you can add the infographic to your website. The infographics you create can be viewed don any device.

(image semrush.png)##What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a tool that's commonly used by marketers to optimise their websites and create a better experience for their website visitors. It can be used by any number of websites and it identifies different trends relevant to your website, identifying a variety of keywords, audit your on page SEO, check rankings and backlinks.SEMrush provides you with information on your websites- Organic Search- Paid Search- Backlinks- Display Advertising- Organic Keywords- Main Organic Competitors- Organic Position Distribution- Competitive Positioning Map- Backlinks- Top Anchors- Branded and Non-Branded Search- Referring Domains- Indexed PagesAs you can see from the list above there is a variety of data that you can use through SEMrush. Any of the data provided in SEMrush can be clicked into for detailed information in regards to the data you are interested in.# Enjoy!"


By: Codeweavers - 02/03/16

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