Front End Developers


The team consists of about 13 Front End developers and 3 Full Stack Developers. They work really closely with the back-end developers, operations, QA and design team. They bring Codeweavers ideas, designs and UX to life, creating the best experiences using a range of technologies. Their work comes in a stream from operations and they deploy their code in small iterations. They pair program and there’s a mix of experience from senior developers to graduates. 🚀

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What we actually do

"We put the paint on the walls. We are CSS, HTML & Javascript wizards, experts in Codeweavers customer-facing software. We make things look beautiful and work with perfect flow, and do it all heavily fueled on caffeine." 🧙‍♂️

What others think we do

“Make Codeweavers software look good!” “Website stuff!!???”

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