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The Data Insights team consists of our Data Engineers and Analysts who utilise the vast amounts of data the Codeweavers platform collects and creates to find new and interesting insight into the automotive world. They make use of the latest Big Data technologies to find deeper meaning in our data and are often found spending their time analysing user behaviour across millions of calculator events, looking at internal metrics to find improvements in our processes and recreating user journeys to further understand how our products are used. 📊

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What we actually do

“As the saying goes, data teams spend 80% of their time cleaning and only 20% analysing but we’re trying to do things a little different by utilising modern technologies and automation to free our analysts to spend more time doing what they love (making graphs!). We are usually throwing data around in R to see what we can find, building useful data models and meaningful graphs in our BI tools as well as maintaining and enhancing our data platforms.” 📈

What others think we do

“Spend 80% of our time making our graphs look pretty”

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